We just make the best bread we can. 

Hairy and I are big foodies, and bread is the beginning of food, so it’s best to make a great start if you can!

In the bakery, it’s probably more about what we don’t do, than what we do. We don’t rush the process, we don’t add improvers or preservatives, we don’t add sugar to a savoury bread, we don’t add other unnecessary ingredients like fats or milk powders, we don’t use hydraulic dividing machines that over-squish the dough, we don’t slap the dough about or pummel the life out of it, and we don’t take short-cuts with our method. We do combine flour, water, and salt and then allow it to become what it wants to be, bread. We just give it a helping hand.

There are lots of tiny stages of making bread, the trick is to do as many of them as possible as well as you can. We start with great quality organic flour, use a sourdough culture (for flavour, naturally increased keeping quality and increased nutrition), mix the dough gently and slowly, allow the dough to ferment for several hours before scaling, dividing and moulding the dough by hand, prove the dough overnight or for several hours, bake on the hearth of the oven with steam, and finally, allow it to cool properly before packing. We have a way of doing things at Vicky’s Bread, it’s very classic and traditional, and it works for us. We train everyone from scratch; only one of our staff was a baker before joining us, everybody else has become a baker through us, and embarrassingly they are all quicker than me now! We absolutely love our bread, and we hope you do too.