Storage note: I often get asked about shelf life…. All our breads (except baguettes) should last several days; they will gradually dry out over the course of a few days, then it will be perfect for toast. The date we give on the label is just to indicate when the bread is at its absolute freshest, so use it as just a very rough guide. Everything freezes very well, except possibly the baguettes, which are a bit skinny to freeze.

Bordelais Sourdough

Our classic sourdough loaf, made with mainly white flour, a sprinkling of rye flour and a hint of wholewheat flour to give a slightly grey crumb. It has a light texture, an uneven holey crumb, and a delicate creamy sourdough taste. We prove this bread overnight which boosts the flavour and digestibility. This is our best seller; it goes with everything and is just an amazing bread.


A delicious nubbly German style loaf, packed with seeds, and the crumb is so moist that it’s a superb keeper. This dough contains lots of sourdough culture, but we also add some commercial yeast to help to rise all those seeds and wholegrains and keep it light. We prove this bread overnight which boosts the flavour and digestibility. When you toast this bread the sesame seeds go all nutty and crunchy, it’s really heavenly.

Sliced Multigrain

A sliced version of our wonderful multigrain loaf, in a convenient loaf shape, perfect for sandwiches and freezing, and when you can’t be bothered to pick up a knife. This dough contains all the same seeds and wholegrains as the original, but it is not proved overnight, because the tins get too cold and the dough doesn’t like it!

Wholewheat Sourdough

My favourite bread. A wholewheat version of our Bordelais, containing 65% wholewheat flour and 35% white flour. We use a wholewheat flour sourdough culture which produces a deep, tangy, wheaty flavour. We prove this bread overnight which boosts the flavour and digestibility. If you love sourdoughs, then this is the one for you. 


Hand rolled, with a white, lacy crumb and a little sourdough culture to boost flavour. We also make half sized baguettes which we call baguettini’s.

I like to pass a baguette under a running tap quickly then pop it in the oven for a few minutes to crisp up. 

Cloudy White (sliced, or unsliced)

This bread is a bit of a cheat! It’s our baguette dough, moulded into a loaf shape and popped in a tin, but it makes a lovely soft white sandwich bread with no added fat or sugar. When you toast it, it goes all crumpety. This is a big customer favourite, especially the sliced version, because you can just toss it in the freezer and take it out slice by slice.

Country White

A hearth baked version of our cloudy white – it’s the same dough but we’ve proved it in a basket and baked it on the floor of the oven to give a bit more crust. Perfect when you want a slightly more rustic white bread.

Spelt Sourdough

A tangy all spelt sourdough made with 50% wholewheat spelt flour and 50% white spelt flour. Surprisingly light thanks to a very lively sourdough culture, this bread is also proved overnight which helps boost flavour and digestibility. Some people find spelt, which is an ancient variety of wheat, easier on their tummies than modern strains of wheat. I really like the nutty flavour as well!

Please note that spelt is still wheat and does still contain gluten.

100% Rye

A totally different animal to all our wheat breads; dense, dark, nubbly and Nordic, made with cracked rye grains and sunflower seeds for extra crunch. I just love this thinly sliced and topped with a mashed banana, it’s the best breakfast. We use a rye sourdough culture that we have fed over three days to rise this dough, plus some commercial yeast to help it along. Please note that rye flour still contains gluten, and that this bread may contain traces of wheat.


Super light, white, bubbly dough, slathered with organic olive oil and scattered with Cornish rosemary and Cornish sea salt. This is such a versatile one, a big slab of bread that can be cut any which way for sandwiches, to dip in things, or just to pop in the freezer for unexpected guests. You can defrost it really quickly in the microwave or crunch it up in the oven. We used to just make this in the Summer, but now we are making more and more, all year round.


The same simple Italian wet, white dough we use in the focaccia, but here we keep it plain with just a dusting of flour to produce simple rustic loaves and rolls.

Baps, Burger Buns, and Finger Rolls 

These three are all made with the same dough, enriched with butter, eggs and milk, and made extra moist and fluffy using a tangzhong (a Japanese method of heating some of the flour and water in a recipe beforehand, so the flour absorbs more water). Perfect for picnics and barbeques when a slice of crusty sourdough is not what is required!

Olive and Thyme Sourdough (Saturdays only)

If you love olives, you will love this bread! Super-olivey, proved overnight and risen in linen cloths like our baguettes, then baked on the hearth of the oven. I think this bread is weirdly good with bacon, try it!

Apricot Flapjacks

These really are incredibly addictive. Unapologetically decadent, there’s so much butter and syrup in these that they bend! We were really planning to stick to making bread only, but these are just so good we can’t help ourselves!

Saffron Buns

The Cornish classic. Our lovely manager came up with the recipe for these, as she had a proper granny who made proper saffron buns. The special thing about our buns is they contain real strands of saffron, which is a rarity, and butter, not lard, which we think is much nicer, so we end up with the most wonderful, delicate, fruity and moist little buns.


Light and fruity teacakes with lemon zest which gives a really nice citrus hint, beautiful toasted just with butter.

Hot Cross Buns (Easter only)

Traditional buns, enriched with butter, eggs, milk, spices and orange zest. Nothing says the coming of spring like these babies!

Mince Pies (Christmas only)

Honestly the best mince pies. All butter pastry, our own tangy mincemeat that tastes fresh and fruity – I think it’s all those apples – and then there’s the comforting hint of brandy in the background. These have to be the best thing about Christmas.

Chocolate Orange Brioche (Christmas only)

Is it a bread? Is it a cake? Who cares?! This bitter-sweet, citrussy, super-sized brioche studded with dark chocolate is wonderful toasted; think of it a bit like a fruitless panettone. It’s a great snack during the festive season and an alternative to a mince pie. It also makes an incredible bread and butter pudding.

Special Flavoured Sourdoughs

We tend to show off at food festivals and make a load of different flavoured sourdoughs for everyone to taste. Although they’re very popular when customers can have a try and then buy one, we find they’re not great sellers every day, so we don’t make them very often. However, we are able to do a batch for an event or for catering purposes– you would have to put in a minimum order of 20 small loaves, as we just can’t mix less than about 12kg.

Here are most of our special flavours: