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Deliciously moist German-style loaf packed with seeds and full of flavour and texture. This bread uses both a large proportion of sourdough culture and some commercial yeast to aid the leavening of the heavy dough and is proved overnight in baskets resulting in a surprisingly light texture and moreish flavour. This loaf is a great keeper and goes even more nutty and crunchy when toasted. This recipe is from the uniquely talented German baker, Hans Walker who taught me to bake.

This freezes exceptionally well.


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Ingredients: organic white WHEAT FLOUR, water, sourdough culture made with organic white WHEAT FLOUR, organic WHOLEWHEAT FLOUR, organic OATS, organic SESAME SEEDS, organic sunflower seeds, organic flaxseeds, sea salt, yeast.

No added fat or sugar. VEGAN




May contain traces of seeds and nuts CONTAINS WHEAT FLOUR, SESAME SEEDS, OATS

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